First of all it’s rare to hear someone speak positively about Damon. Like, it’s as rare as winning the lottery. Without a ticket. And I’m pretty sure it’s even rarer for Elena to get to be around to hear it. And her face when she takes it in. Shane is all “Damon is very intuitive,” and Elena looks down and smiles a tiny smile and looks like she almost wants to start nodding enthusiastically but catches herself just in time, and basically she is just generally warm and fuzzy and sort of smug about her man’s special abilities, and it’s just the sweetest thing ever. Elena has copped so much flack from everyone lately, well, okay, mostly from Caroline, for seeing the good in Damon, and so I think it’s positively delicious to have someone acknowledge a reason why she might. Even if it’s only the tiniest of non-moral reasons, it’s still a treat for her and for me, and I love that it went directly against Caroline’s hysterical protestations that not only was Damon a terrible person, he was also never right. Oh Caroline. Your judgment-clouding bias is showing. The truth is that Damon is almost never wrong when it comes to people and the ways they feel and the secrets they hold, and I like that Elena got a second to quietly revel in that fact with Shane.

He was right about her, after all. There was something between them. And she was lying to herself. He may have crossed the line sixty-five ways in that scene way back in 201, but he was not wrong, and Elena knew it then, and she knows it now.

" — Rophydoes (x)

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